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Tallgrass Mead is named for the tallgrass prairie ecosystem. It once dominated the Southwestern Ontario landscape, but is now one of the rarest ecosystems on earth. 

As a field biologist, botanic illustrator and environmental policy professional, Tallgrass Mead founder Elaine Ferrier was frustrated to watch the remaining woodlands, wetlands and prairie of Southwestern Ontario disappear. She imagined a different future where conservation was allowed to coexist with economic growth.

Tallgrass Mead embodies this idea. 

 By sourcing fermentable sugars through the natural process of bee pollination, we produce wines from the existing landscape. This means that we eliminate the need to convert more land to agriculture, and produce wines without the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers. Our meads are made with 100% Ontario honey from local beekeepers and we are keen to partner with other local producers. 

Sustainability is the core priority in our manufacturing process, and to further our commitment to the conservation and restoration of natural areas, we donate 1% of all revenues to conservation programs around the world. 

Enjoy Tallgrass Mead products, and support a new type of economy. 


Who we are


Elaine Ferrier - Founder, Mazer (left in photo)

Michael Sojka - Operations Manager, handsome lackey/incredibly helpful fiance

David Ferrier - Chief Engineer, dad, builder of meadery stuff (right in photo)

Christine Ferrier - mom who puts up with it all